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Sample Quiz Questions

The following are actual questions taken from the OASIS quizzes. These questions are designed to give you an example of the types of questions that will appear on the quizzes for each chapter.

Chapter One - Defining the Research Topic and Determining the Information Requirements

1. Your assignment is:

Write a paper examining some of the major legal, ethical and/or social issues concerned with pornography on the Internet.

Which one set of search terms below will best help you find materials for your assignment? 

___ legal, Internet, censorship
___pornography, children, Internet
___Internet, pornography, issues
___ethical, legal, Internet

2. Your assignment is to write a paper about the different styles of oil painting used by artists in the 1700's but you've discovered that there is far too much material than could be covered in a five page paper. Which one of the following lists of search terms below, best narrows your topic by being the most specific, thereby reducing your search results?

___ art, Europe, 1700's, styles
___ painting, styles, history
___oil painting, styles, 1700's, Italy

Chapter Two - Locating and Retrieving Relevant Information

1. Click here to open a window with InvestiGator, the Library's Online Catalog.

Do an Author search and determine which one of the books below was written by Terry McMillan. (close the window after your search)

___White Oleander
___Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
___How Stella Got Her Groove Back

2. Which type of reference source is shown in the table below? 

___subject dictionary

pixel -  Contraction of picture element. The smallest element (a picture element) that a device can display and out of which the displayed image is constructed. See bit-mapped graphic. 

PKCS -  Acronym for Public Key Cryptography System. A set of standards,
developed by RSA Data Security, that define an infrastructure for encrypted data - exchange on the Internet. 

Plain Old Telephone Service -  See POTS. 

plain text document - A document that contains nothing by standard ASCII text, number, and punctuation characters. 

planar board - See motherboard. 

planar clock speed - The clock speed at which the motherboard operates. This speed may differ from the clock speed of the microprocessor, which may be two or more times faster. 

plan file - A file in a UNIX user's home directory that was originally intended to display a colleague's schedule and work plans for the future when accessed with the finger utility. It is more often used for compiling humorous quotations or other informal uses. 

plasma display -  A display technology used with high-end laptop computers. The display is produced by energizing ionized gas held between two transparent panels. Synonymous with gas plasma display. 

platen - In dot-matrix and letter-quality impact printers, the cylinder that guides paper through the printer and provides a backing surface for the paper when images are impressed onto the page. 

Chapter Three - Using Databases for Accessing Information

1. Shown below is an article citation from the electronic database ABI Inform which covers the fields of business and management.

Title: "Mapping out your firm's success"
Source: Black Enterprise; New York; Mar 2000
Author: Mark Richard Moss; Volume 30; Issue 8; pp. 104-112
Subject Terms: Entrepreneurs, Strategic planning, Corporate objectives, Guidelines, Minority owned businesses.

Question: Would this article be included in the results of a Subject search for the phrase strategic planning?


2. Choose the best answer that completes the following statement.

By using the technique of truncation in a database search, you would:

___narrow your search to include less information
___limit your search to include less information
___use the terms and, or, & not
___broaden your search to include more information

Chapter Four - Using the World Wide Web for Accessing Information

1. All Web sites pages are routinely checked for the accuracy of the information presented on the page by the Internet Registry Service.


2. When a Web search tool such as, AltaVista uses free-text indexing, this means that the search tool will:

___allow you to search for free
___look for the term "free text" anywhere on the page retrieved by your search
___provide free links to other Web services
___look anywhere on the Web page for the search words that were entered

Chapter Five - Evaluating, Organizing, and Synthesizing Information

1.  You are writing a paper for a history class on the ways in which the Spanish-American War impacted Amercan culture. You would like to use the information from a particular book, shown below.

Would the information found in the book be considered a primary source for your assignment?


teddy roosevelt, rough riders

From: The Rough Riders. New York:, 1999

2. You are writing a paper about the migration of Africanized honey bees to the United States and you have found the following article:

"Flight of the Killer Bees." Newsweek, Nov. 14, 1994.Vol 117, No.19, p.25

Would this be considered a scholarly journal article?


Chapter Six - Communicating Using Information Technologies

1. If you want to send an electronic version of your paper to your professor and you are unsure of his/her computer skills, it would be best to:

___send the paper via E-mail as an attached file
___send the professor the address of your Web page
___send it in the body of a regular E-mail message
___send it as a Powerpoint presentation with graphics

2. You receive an E-mail message that begins with this header: 

Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 14:41:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: Richard Smith
Subject: Anthropology project

What is the username of the sender? 

___Richard Smith

Chapter Seven - Legal and Ethical Information Issues

1. You are creating a Web page for a class assignment. According to the Fair Use section of U.S. Copyright law, you have the right to scan a picture from a book and use the image on your Web site without obtaining permission because your Web page will be used for non-profit educational purposes.


2. Choose the best answer for the following question.

What is meant by the term cookies when used in connection with Web browsing software programs? 

___Cookies keep track of all material you have downloaded or printed to ensure that those items are in the public domain.
___Cookies register all the freeware you've downloaded to your computer.
___Cookies provide information to a Web server, such as your password or the options you selected the last time you visited a Web site.
___Along with cakes, cookies provide public domain software to those who register their computers.

Chapter Eight - Media Literacy

1. Choose the best answer that completes the following statement.

A person that is media literate can: 

___ easily use all types of computer hardware and software and other forms of new technology
___use and find information of all types in a university library, including computer sources, microfilm, and indexes/abstracts
___read, analyze and critically evaluate information presented in a variety of formats (television, print, radio, computers, etc.)
___critically evaluate television programs and tell when they are trying to be persuaded

2. Choose the best answer for the following question. 

When media try to identify a certain group of people to get their message across to, this group of people is known as a(n):

___narrowcasting audience
___demographic response
___audience poll
___target audience

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